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APHA mares (broodmares and/or riders)
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Most of these mares are currently in foal.  A number of these mares ride to varying degrees, as noted in the individual bios. Extended pedigrees are available. If you see something you like, or want information on a past, present or future foal, just let me know.  Any offspring we still have will be listed below that mare's bio.  Their photos/description can be viewed on other pages - according to year of birth.
Depending on time of year, we do sell 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 combinations.  Also, if you are looking for more than one broodmare/riding horse we are always willing to discuss 'package deals'.
Most of our broodmares come with a 'live foal guarantee' as well as a 1/2 priced breeding to the stallion of your choice.....for the breeding season immediately after purchase.
If you see something you like, but don't have the cash up front - payment plans are an option, and a  20% - 25% deposit will hold a horse.  ASK for details.
In case you don't pick up on the fact that these mares are listed in order of age - figured I'd just as well mention that right now in case age is a factor in your search.
Have fun shopping.....

Any horse listed as **sale pending** means I have a deposit and/or payments are being made.  As we know, sometimes 'stuff happens' and so, if you'd like to be kept informed on the sale status of any particular horse, just let me know!!

Baron Bark Mindy Fancy Red Bark
Red Cedar Bark Fancy Roan Bar
Jenny Lee Bark
Susie Bell Bar
Roan Bar
Frankie Baker
Dolly Bar Baron Mr Leo Bar Baron Mr Baron Red
Watch Honey Bar
Lovelys Doll
Jack Eyed
Sure Lovely
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After settling in over the summer - 2011 - Mindy has proven to be a decent enough mare. 
Mindy stands a good 15.1, has nice straight bone structure combined with a pretty little head and ear.  She also has that red roan coloring that changes by the season...
She weighs between 1000 and 1100 #.
Mindy has been bred to Bubba and we are expecting a late May foal in 2012.

Mindy did NOT settle for 2013, but is in foal for 2014.  She is bred to Diaman H Dble The Cream.   (perlino, hz dun gson of Dun It With a Twist)


May, 2014 - UPDATE   We have recently received emails from a couple of owners of Baron Bark Mindy's paternal siblings (Fancy Red Bark offspring), warning/advising us that they tested positive for PSSM.  Realizing that no responsible breeder will knowingly use a PSSM positive mare in their broodmare band, we tested Baron Bark Mindy - to our dismay, she IS positive for PSSM -  and now we have a problem. 

SO - now we need to get rid of Baron Bark Mindy.  We are looking for any kind of offer/trade equivalent to her base (meat) price of $350. To prevent her from being used as a broodmare in her future home(s), her registration papers will NOT go with her unless/until she is spayed.

We are prepared to lose a good deal of money on this mare..... 

Good news is that we tested Mindy's 2013 filly for PSSM also - and she is negative! 

October 2014 - JUST weaned and tested Baron Bark Mindy's 2014 colt.  He is negative for PSSM.  Phew.  We got SOOOO lucky

**As of October 5th, 2014 - Baron Bark Mindy has been placed/traded.  100% guarantee that she will NOT be producing more foals.